5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

Five Marketing Skills Which Are Hard To Learn But it will Pay Off Forever. In marketing, there are a lot of skills that take a long time to develop. But once you match those skills, you not only will be able to double, triple, heck even quadruples your results when it comes to traffic and even your income as a marketer, if you’re working for someone else or even as a business owner.

When I shared my career in digital marketing, I knew pretty much only a couple of skills. Writing and driving organic traffic from Google. At least I was very good at those two areas, which helped me grow my businesses pretty quickly while relying on other people to help me on all the other areas that I was weak at. Over time, I had a chance to work with people who were better than me and experts in those other areas. I learned from them. Continually improved upon them. Tested, and that’s how I got better, even though it took me a long time and it’s continually paid off.

The first marketing skill that’s very high in value,


5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

It’s one of those skills that you’re always going to use. Yeah, there’s AI tools out there that write copy for you, but they’re not as good as a human. So, you want to get good at writing? Whether is writing paid ads, or email sequences, or landing page copy, or sales videos, is really important. As Ogilvy said,80 cents of the dollar, is spent on the headline.

I’ve seen skilled copywriters, turn some of my campaigns around, realizing double, even triple the conversions and boosting my profits. Learning copywriting is hard, because you’ll need to study and practice a lot until you’re skilled enough to produce real results, but it’s worth it. Check out any of the books by Ogilvy, and it will help you with copywriting.

The second skill that pays off forever,

Analytical Skills

5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

can’t emphasize this enough. Without getting a great understanding of the data you generate in marketing, things are not going to work out for you. And trust me, interpreting data in away that is actionable, and clear, and results oriented, is a very rare skill.

Everyone looks at Google analytics reports and like, oh yeah, we should do X, Y, and Z. But does really doing, Y and Z help improve the conversions, the sales, the revenue? Just because you think it doesn’t may not, you got to have a good understanding of the data and how to interpret it and figure out what action you need to take to actually get the results that are desired.

The third skill that’ll generate a lifetime of returns is,


5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

It’s a age old marketing technique that’s been used for thousands of years. People love stories. Just look at you. You watch TV, you watch Netflix. Why? Because they have amazing stories. Learn storytelling. From the emotions, It’s like a rollercoaster, right? Good stories, have the ups, the downs, the scary moments, the happy moments. That’s how you hook people in. And try telling stories to your friends over time, just when you’re at dinner or to your wife or your significant other, or your kids, that’ll make you a better storyteller.

And that’s how I learned storytelling. Literally, just start talking about stories. And you don’t have to make up stories. I’m talking about stuff you did in the past. Because you can see what parts of your story cause people to engage and react. That’s the stuff that you need to emphasize more when your storytelling.

The fourth skill that is extremely valuable is,


5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

a lot of people Dunn how to create funnels or optimize funnels. Ad costs are continually rising. That means over time, you’re going to be spending more money on your ads. If you even look at what happened during COVID, Google Ads skyrocketed cost. If you look at what happened in the recession in 2008in America, Google ads still kept going up. In other words, ads costs are rising. So how do you fight that? Well, you got to have upsells and down sells. That’s the purpose of a funnel.

You can check out tools like, Click Funnels, that help you build funnels as well. But the key is when someone buys from you, how do you get them to buy more? How do you upsell them? Down sell them. Even once they’re a customer, how do you get them to buy from you again? Three months, six months, a year down the road.

The fifth valuable skill set, that you want to learn is,

Good UX

5 Marketing Skills You Should Learn

Now I’m not talking about design, I’m talking about user experience. When someone searches on Google and lands on your page, what are they looking for? Are you giving that to them? If not, you’re going to struggle. Your rankings are going to drop no matter how many backlinks you build or how many words you write in your text. You need to figure out what users want, understand them, get into their mind, but not in a creepy way, and provide that. It’s really hard to do.

And if you can do that for all the keywords you want to rank for, for all the people that you’re trying to attract; you solve the problems, make it clear, give them the solution as quick as possible. Not just give it to them but give it to them as quick as possible. And ideally in an affordable way. That’s how you’re going to do better in marketing in the long run.

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