7 Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2022

Best Free Keyword Research tool – Ranking your page on search engine results pages (SERPs) without a correct keyword or key terms is like shooting an arrow in the dark. If you want your pages to come in ranking in SERPs, then you have to always follow SEO. SEO is those who take all the algorithms along and they also include SEO-friendly friendly keywords. What I mean by SEO-friendly keywords is that, keywords that people find on search engines for results on a keyword basis in search queries. In such a situation, the best free keyword research tool helps you in choosing the right keywords.

In this article, we are going to tell about some such selected best keyword research tools which are absolutely free. So stay with us and complete this article.

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are words that target people to your website’s content, and that content is tailored to the satisfaction of both users and search engines. A keyword can be a combination of one or two words.

Keyword research helps the audience to find better search terms according to the niche. A Keyword research tool provides you with that specific search terms and related keywords data for those terms that people are looking for through search engines and That’s how it helps you answer questions like:

Such As:-

1.What are people searching for through search engines?
2.How many people are searching for this word per month?
3.In what format do they want to get that information?

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword Research is extremely important in shaping visitor intent, awareness of your competitors and then accordingly shaping your content strategy. As a website owner, keyword research is the key to drafting, analyzing your content and making decisions. Helps to take Keyword research is also an important component of SEO.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

It is a process by which you can make decisions to create new content, optimize existing content and run an effective advertising campaign.

What Is Keyword Research In SEO

If you are new to blogging or digital marketing, you are probably wondering, “What is the relation of Keyword Research to SEO?”

So let me tell you that, without doing keyword research, if you choose the wrong keywords or do not optimize the right keywords properly, then you will fail to bring potential customers to your website or your site due to wrong content. Bounce rates will increase which can ultimately spoil the user experience of your website.

But, when you take the help of keyword research tool and choose the right keyword, you will be able to generate organic traffic for your site and your SEO score will also increase.

Why should you do Keyword Research?

If you are new to blogging or digital marketing, then you are probably wondering, “How is Keyword research related to SEO?”

Actually, ‘Keyword Research’ is a basic part of SEO that every blogger and digital marketer should know. Keyword research is the only strategy through which you can identify popular and popular words and phrases that people search on search engines like Google, through this you will find what people want to read nowadays and focus your content on those topics. can.

But it is also important to know how Keyword Research is done to do ‘Keyword Research’ in the right way.

Following are some of the reasons for which we should do Keyword Research?

1.Finding out the search volume of keywords.
2.Detecting Keyword Difficulties.
3.To check Keyword Competitiveness.
4.Finding out the bidding cost of the keyword.

Free Keyword Research Tool

Free keyword research tools are also helpful in increasing the organic traffic of your site if you want to launch a new website or if you want to increase your ranking in the SERPs on the existing site.

However, you can get all the powerful SEO tools online with a monthly fee. But if you are new to the field of Digital Marketing, then I would suggest you to try some free tools first. Yes, it is true that keyword research tools with monthly fees have more feathers than a free keyword research tool. But, a free keyword research tool can also help you a lot. According to me, there is also an advantage of this that if you do not have much experience in using these tools, then to some extent you can learn it for free. When you gain experience on these, then you can also choose their paid plans.

However, it all depends on you which plan and which tool you want to use. As we are discussing here about free keyword research tools, so let’s go ahead with that.

Here 7 such Best Free Keyword Research Tools have been discussed along with some of their Pros and Cons.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

The names and description of 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools are given here.

1. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a new tool that can be plugged into the Chrome web browser as an extension. When it is activated, whenever you enter a word on the browser, it analyzes those words and displays the result on the right side of the page.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Some of the results given by this tool include

1.Keyword ideas with search volume
2. Cost per click (CPC) rate for each search term.
3. Data analysis of pages that rank on the search term entered in the web browser.
4. Traffic analysis of pages that rank from 1 to 10 on the entered word.

This Keyword Research Tool displays search results with great efficiency as a free tool.

2. AnswerThePublic

Answer The Public‘ is a great tool to find the question keywords asked by the people in the SERPs.

Actually, it is a keyword generator tool that helps you by showcasing the effectiveness of keywords.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

When you enter a word on it, it displays the questions that people are asking through search engines. The result is displayed with an attractive graphical interface. The suggestion of keywords with long-tail keywords is displayed in the form of questions i.e. who, what, where, when, why and other questions like this that visitors ask on search engines.


QuestionDB is a keyword idea-making generator tool. It fetches data from question-answering sites like Reddit and Quora and gives you answers to questions that people are asking related to your keywords.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

The specialty of this tool is that its free version also allows unlimited keyword searching without registering any account. A source link is attached to each question so that you can do more research about it. If you want, you can also download your result with a single click.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Generator Tool

Ahrefs Keyword Generator tool is a paid keyword research tool offered by Ahrefs. It is a leading keyword generator tool in the digital marketing industry. Due to many features of this tool, it is expensive compared to other research tools. But don’t worry, Ahrefs has also provided its free version by which you can research keywords for your site’s content for free.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

When you enter a keyword or phrase on its search bar, it displays the top 100 keyword ideas from its database spanning over 170 countries.

Some of the data provided by Ahrefs are as follows:

1.Search Volume
2. Keyword Difficulty
3. Recently Updated Results
4. List Of Queries Related To Search Queries
5. Long-tail Keywords, Less Competitive Phrases, and Geographic Location.

It provides data according to different search engine platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, etc.

5. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool is a popular and well-known keyword research tool for SEO, which is one of the many free tools offered by SEMrush. To use their free tools, you need to create an account on SEMrush. You can choose to opt for free services with a limited number of feathers forever or sign up for SEMrush’s 14-day free trial for paid services.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

The things that are included in Free Services are as follows

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Competition
  • Paid advertisers reports
  • Top 20 Google SERPs ranking sites reports
  • Smart filtering

Apart from this, many different tools of SEMrush can also be used for free services. Such as Domain overview, Backlink checking, Site audit, etc. But, the free services provided by SEMrush only allow you 10 searches in a day.

6. Soovle

Soovle’ is very helpful in finding keywords on many popular marketing platforms like Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, eBay etc.

This tool can be used as a keyword research tool or auto keyword generator. As soon as you enter your keywords on it, it automatically generates phrases instantly to help you expand your keyword ideas.

This tool provides unlimited searches for free. But despite all this, it is limited to generating ideas. Doesn’t include metrics like keyword difficulty or search volume.

7. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a well managed popular keyword research tool. With it you can see monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, click-through rate (CTR), and a special metric called priority score for each search term.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Explorer provides monthly search volume and a long list of keyword suggestions for the words you insert with relevance.

An advanced SERP analysis metric that’s also included with free search results, and they give you 10 specific webpages that rank for the keywords you’re researching. Keyword explorer also provides the title, url, page authority, domain authority and number of backlinks on the page and also, it also provides the number of backlinks to the root domain.

Despite Moz’s excellent service, the one downside of this tool is that its free version is limited to only 10 searches per month.

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