10 Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress 2022

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress Often we are looking for the Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress to make your website perform better on SERPs, especially when someone is new to Digital Marketing.

Because traffic flow for every single website on the Internet is mostly through search engines. SEO Optimizing your website to better understand each and every part of your website for search engines to help you rank higher in search results which increases your business significantly.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

So, are you also looking for the Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress to boost your site’s search ranking?

In this article, we will share with you some important information about the best free SEO Tools and Plugins that you should use for your website. Because some of these SEO tools provide similar functionality. Therefore, in this article, we will also highlight which SEO tool/plugin will be best for you for specific use.

WordPress Best SEO Tools(Best Free SEO Tools)

When you are searching for “best free WordPress SEO tools”, if you are new to the field of digital marketing, then What Is SEO for you as well? It is also important to know this. Because, on the internet you will find many such articles in which dozens of tools have been suggested. It can be quite confusing for beginners and non-technical users.

However, the truth is that you never need dozens of top SEO tools to get a high ranking. Only a few tools can help your site rank high on the SERPs.

Here is a list of 10 Best Free SEO Tools that you can use for your web site.

What Are SEO Tools

SEO tools are tools developed with the intention of properly completing the existing functions of any website, potentially helping to increase the usability and quality of the site’s content. Those tools provide users with many options for SEO optimization by performing different types of tasks. One of the best SEO tools makes it easier for search engine crawlers to manage the content of your website.

How Does An SEO Tool Improve A Website?

Search engine optimization is a process of influencing the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results. SEO tools are such tools that better control your seo performance. WordPress’s CMS (Content Management System) gives you complete control over how your site is ranked in search engines.

One of the best SEO tools helps to make your website optimization faster, more efficient, and automated, as well as save you time and manual process hassles.

However, you will find many such paid and free SEO tools on online that you can use for SEO optimization of your site. But, if you are in the beginning and you have a budget constraint, then you can also use their free versions if you want.

Benefits Of Using SEO Tools?

There are many benefits of using SEO tools. First of all, as I told you, it helps you save time because these tools show you at a glance how your site SEO is. Second, this tool keeps you updated from time to time via e-mail about the things that need improvement in order to improve your site’s ranking on Google search results pages.

The use of SEO tools is always beneficial for any website because its goal is always to get traffic from search engines through better SEO optimization.

These tools provide essential tips on on-page optimization and track your SEO progress to help you rank your website higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

List Of 10 Best Tools

Before looking at this Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress list, it is necessary for you to know that till now no such seo tools have been made on online which can claim 100% seo optimization for your website. All seo tools available on online. The algorithms of search engines, especially Google’s algorithms, have been developed under this concepts.

Therefore, it would not be right to think that by using these SEO tools, all your pages suddenly appear on search engines like Google, because the algorithm of search engines is always changing and it is full of secrecy.

But the good news in the midst of all this is that there are many such search engine optimization SEO tools which always keep on working on the algorithm of search engines and keep updating them from time to time so that we can see good performance on search engines.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress List

The names and details of the best SEO Tools are given here. However, most of these tools are paid, but you can also use them for free to some extent.

Google Search Console

Search Console is a free tool from Google. With the help of this free SEO Tool, you can easily measure your site’s traffic to your keyword performance on SERP’s and fix problems by implementing them.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

In addition, Search Console keeps sending you messages from time to time about the errors in your website. Overall, this tool provides an insight into how a website is performing in organic search results.

Search Console is considered to be one of the Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress to adjust its SEO strategy.

Google Analytics

Things that can’t be measured obviously can’t even be improved. That’s why it is important to have a tool that can analyze your online status appropriately. This is where a tool like Google Analytics comes in handy. This advance digital analytics tool helps you take important decisions.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

Google Analytics Tools is a free service from Google that was launched in 2006.

This tool tracks your website, blog and social network and presents its report in front of you so that you can get an accurate assessment of the performance of your site and prepare your strategy accordingly.

In addition, this analytics tool provides behavior and aggregated information of your website traffic. This analytics tool provides more data and precise metrics than any other tool. Google Analytics is a major tool for digital marketers.

Bing Webmaster

Like Google’s Search Console, Bing is a webmaster tool run by Microsoft that provides you with the opportunity to analyze your website, evaluate SEO, and gauge your site’s performance. Bing webmaster is equipped with a variety of tools, so you can test the performance of your site on a single platform.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

Bing Webmaster Tools allows you to monitor the health of your website as well as help you understand how your visitors are finding your site. You can use the reports provided by this tool to measure your traffic and keywords or search terms.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an online tool that helps users to know and view the trends in search behavior carried out by people on all Google platforms like Google Search, News, Images, Shopping and YouTube. This review tool is very useful when it comes to SEO strategy.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

The tool will not only allow users to see which topics and questions are most popular in searches these days, but it will also give you access to data, including how many times a specific term has been searched for over a given period of time. You can also specify it in the filter if you want. These trends can also be visualized, allowing you to analyze the results efficiently.


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools of the SEO strategy out there online. If you want to improve the SEO of your site, then you should connect with powerful SEO tools like Ahrefs. With the help of this tool, you can research your website, monitor the site as well as make suitable suggestions for the betterment of the site. can obtain.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

Ahrefs has the second most active backlink database after Google. Like Google search console, Ahrefs also uses crawlers to analyze a website. According to statistics, more than 5 million pages are crawled through this tool every minute. There are so many features in this tool that you can get lost in them.


SEMrush is a complete SEO package that can help you grow your business. This tool helps you find the keywords you need to create useful and engaging content, in which you can get a big boost in your audience. The digital marketplace has become extremely competitive these days. Therefore, in order to surpass your competitor’s, you need to work in a planned way and SEMrush can help you for this.


This toolkit shows you the number of visits and engagements to your website on each of the devices (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc.). This tool also displays the average time spent on each page by visits and the bounce rate on it, as well as identifies trends to increase your website traffic and helps you modify the site’s content.

What Is Keyword In SEO? Complete Guide


WooRank is a SEO Tool that helps you keep track of everything on your website that affects your SEO. It also detects problems that you may not have noticed before. When you type your URL on it it presents you a detailed SEO audit report of all the important ranking factors of your site. If you try to do them manually, it will take you a lot of time. But, if you use WooRank, it presents the complete details of your site to you in a matter of seconds.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

Through this SEO audit report, you can fix all the mistakes of your site which can harm your ranking. Simply put, with the help of this tool, you can find a solution to any problem immediately.


Moz is one such SEO bundle tool that helps you track your website’s performance in SERPs and keep an eye on your competitors.

With the help of this tool, it is easy for you to choose your target search terms according to your niche. The features of modern and powerful tools like Link Explorer and Keyword Explorer are provided free of cost on this SEO bundle tool platform.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

This is not only a useful tool, but there is a whole factory of SEO resources to sharpen your SEO skills.

If you want to improve your online presence or be part of an SEO strategy, then this SEO platform can help you a lot in your endeavors. Moz is a good option if you are looking for the best free SEO tools for SEO strategy, as it is very easy to use and navigate.


Answer the Public is a visual search term research tool that collects and presents you the questions asked on many other search engines like Google or Bing.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

When you enter a keyword on its search box, this tool returns all the keywords related to that entered keyword to you in the form of queries as a result. For example, what, when, who, where, why, how etc. In this way, this tool helps you in increasing the traffic of your site and reaching the content of the site to the right audience.


SpyFu is a competitive keyword research tool mostly used for Google Ads. This tool helps in PPC competitor research, in addition to keyword research.

Best Free SEO Tools For WordPress

This tool helps you drive more website traffic to your Google Ads campaigns, monitors paid and organic rankings on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and helps generate leads reliably.

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