How to turn on an iPhone's e-SIM

The mobile device has an e-sim capability that allows you to connect to any carrier that supports e-sim. Unlike a regular sim, the e-sim does not require a physical card.

One can quickly switch the network provider, data package, or any other service plan using the e-sim.

Up to eight e-sim cards can be installed on an iPhone by Apple, but only two can be used simultaneously.

The iPhone 14 sold in the US only accepts e-sim and lacks a conventional SIM card slot. Indian variations that run iOS 12.1 or higher combine physical and e-sim

How to install an e-sim is shown here.

You will require an e-sim equivalent carrier in order to install e-sim on your smartphone. Major Indian carriers including JIO, Airtel, and Via support e-sim.

To add your phone number to your iPhone via E-sim carrier activation or by having your carrier scan a QR code, get in touch with your carrier.

When the notice section appears on your screen, tap the notification that says "Carrier Cellular Plan" and is prepared for installation.

Remove your actual sim card when the e-sim plan has been activated, then restart your iPhone.