10 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

Here are 10 of the worst mistakes you can make when doing SEO.

1. Presenting a Poor Internal Link Structure As your website balloons in size with all of your awesome content, you’re bound to encounter some pretty basic internal linking errors.

2. Creating Content for Content’s Sake Best practices dictate that you should produce content consistently to increase your brand’s exposure and authority, as well as increase your website’s indexation rate

3. Not Investing in Link-Worthy Content Google’s three most important ranking factors. Link building is a major industry pull for agencies. But going out and pursuing mass links through guest posting, manual outreach, and influencer marketing can be costly and resource-intensive.

4. Failing to Reach Customers with Your Content You must have a strategy in place to actually get people to view your content.

5. Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords So you invested the time in crafting a piece of long-form content, but it’s not driving large-scale traffic to your website.

6. Not Consulting Paid Media As the industry currently stands, SEO focuses on acquiring and nurturing leads, while paid media focuses on acquiring and converting leads.

7. Forgetting About Local Between local directory reviews, customizing a Google My Business page, and the local three-pack, local SEO is highly targeted and high converting.

8. Not Regularly Auditing Your Own Website One of the biggest mistakes we all make is not continuing to optimize our own site and fix mistakes that crop up over time.

9. Not Regularly Examining Google Analytics It’s not quite the same as auditing your website, since an audit shows you technical errors on the back end that you need to correct on your own.

10. Ignoring Technical SEO This may not be an area that many website owners want to tackle due to the often mind-numbing nature of fixing these issues, but I can guarantee you that if you’re ignoring technical SEO, you’re doing it wrong.