8 Tips To Speed Up Your Phone

Give your old or underpowered device a new lease on life

1. Free up storage space If your phone is running out of storage space, things will slow to a crawl.

2. Uninstall unused apps Unused apps take up storage space and may clog the memory (RAM) if they run in the background, slowing down your phone.

3. Change system animation speed Changing the system animation speed on your  phone won't natively speed it up, but it will create a perception of your device performing faster.

4. Restart your phone Restarting is the first thing to do when you're troubleshooting an electrical device. This simple hack can do wonders for your phone's performance, especially if some pesky background processes caused the dip.

5. Use Lite edition apps Google and several other developers offer Lite or Go editions of their apps for old and low-end Android devices with limited RAM and storage.

6. Update to the latest software If your phone feels sluggish, check for available updates you've yet to install.

7. Perform a  factory reset A factory reset is an excellent but extreme way to improve performance. It restores your device to its stock state and erases all your data.

8. Consider installing a custom ROM Installing a custom ROM or kernel voids your warranty unless it's already expired, in which case, there's nothing to worry about.