Tips For Building A Healthy Relationship

Dating can be an exhilarating and passionate experience

tIt's also a constantly evolving connection that needs careful thought and attention to detail as you get to know each other over time.

Here are some tips to help you have a healthy dating experence

Focus on comman values Revealing trauma in early stages of dating creates a false sense of connetion. Rather that comman trauma focus on comman value

Make dating objection Your action speaks louder than words. If you are interesting in dating, it should show in the action show curiosity and listen to analyze compatility

Stay honest with yourself Pay attention to your own remark and action. Don't pretend to be blind to your own red flag and inconsistencies

Feeling aren't facts Don't let your anxiety turn into pessimism. Anxiety might signify excitement, fear, or confusion. Before making a decision know where it is coming from.

Don't make yourself choose Just because you've always had a type doesn't mean  you have to adhere to it. You can find people of your  type yet choose not to pursue them.

Don't use unreasonable expectations the early stage of dating, avoid putting unreasonable expectations onto a dating partner that might not able to meet.