What Is Blogging How To Make Money From Blog

What Is Blogging

If you are connected to the Internet world, then you may have often heard the word “blogging”. But, what is blogging? Many people get confused about “blog”, “blogging” and “blogger”. They are often unable to identify the exact meaning or the difference between these words.

Therefore, in this article I will try to understand what is blogging?, who are bloggers and what is a blog, I will try to give you an idea about it. can you? Therefore, to know and understand all the above mentioned elements well, read this article completely.

So come on, What is blogging? And go ahead to know how you can earn money online through blogging.

However, what is blogging? To understand this, first what is a blog for you? What is blogger? And who is called, its definition will not be understood.

If you have a plan to create a blog or to gather knowledge on it, then reading such articles is definitely the right way for complete guidance on blogging.

Through this post, you will be able to know later what is blogging and blogger. After reading this article completely, you will also know how you can start your own blog in just a few steps.

But for that first, you have to understand the terms blog, blogging and blogger. These are some basic words that you will need for your blogging journey.

What is Blog?

A blog is a group of web pages where a person or group of individuals share their ideas or knowledge among people on the Internet.

It is an online informational portal or a website where content on a particular topic or various topics is published or displayed regularly in reverse order, known as “Blog Posts”.

Blogs are usually run by an individual or a small group of people to provide knowledge or information in an interactive style. However, now there are a lot of corporate blogs that present information and ideas in their own style. In a blog, there is also a comment section where users can comment or reply on this particular article.

In addition, a blog can be personal, political, educational, or related to entertainment. This can be on a small topic or even for larger products.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of managing a blog which involves some essential tasks that people need to maintain your blog. Such as, writing blog posts, promoting blogs or blog posts, and creating appropriate links, etc. The content to be published in blogging can be included in the form of articles, photos, videos, infographics etc.

What is Blogging? – Blogging also means adding fresh content to a website regularly which helps in garnering maximum traffic to the website. Thus, blogging is a strategic process to gain organic digital consumers for your brand.

If blogging is done properly, it can build your brand authority as well as your industry which paves the way for you to earn money online in the near future. There are many bloggers whose primary source of income is blogging. And they are known to earn by publishing valuable content on their blog. There are many bloggers who have also written their posts for other blogs, known as guest posts, so that they can establish their authority online as well as expand their expertise in specific areas. .

Who is a Blogger?

The term ‘blogger’ is confusing especially for newbies because of its two meanings.
A blogger is actually known as:

A person who owns or manages a blog and publishes it regularly in his blog by writing new and fresh content is called blogger.

On the other hand, what is Blogger? – ‘Blogger’ is an online blogging platform where people can share their knowledge or opinion among people by creating a blog using this platform. It is a free blogging platform provided by Google. Here you can run a blog free with a sub-domain or you can even add a custom domain as per your choice. Running a blog using Blogger is simple, all you need to do is create an account on it and you can also add your custom domain if you want.

Benefits of Blogging?

There are many benefits of having a blog. Blogging is one such way, with the help of which you can reach where you yourself cannot reach. Blogging provides an opportunity to express yourself with your skills among the people globally without any physical infrastructure. With your expertise you can lead your own online community sitting at your home alone.

Here I am going to discuss some of the major benefits of blogging which will help you to form a concept about blogging.

1. Blogging Can Make You More Efficient In Your Niche.

As a blogger, when you are preparing to write a blog post, you need to do a lot of research on a specific topic, you read a lot of articles to know them in depth. In such a situation, along with collecting more and more knowledge, you also increase your skills.

2. Blogging Can Improve Your SEO Ranking.

Search engines always give priority to fresh and valuable content. Blogging works to keep your website fresh and create value for your business among customers. As a result search engines reward your efforts by promoting your website on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This way you will be even more visible and can reach your business more efficiently.

3. Blogging Can Increase Your Value Among The Customer.

Massive audience feedback, gives you more authority and gives you a value for your skills. If you touch the emotions of the readers, you engage them with your business, satisfying them and whose Simply means the opportunity to earn more and more.

Types Of Blogs

What is blogging ?- By now you must have understood the definition of blog, blogger, and blogging very well, even you must have known about the benefits of blogging.

Now, let us discuss a little about some common types of blogs. Generally, there are five common types of blogs found on the internet and some of them are as follows:

Personal Blog:- This type of blog usually works like an online diary where blogger shares his opinion. This type of blog is often not run for the purpose of reaching the target audience or selling something. A personal blog mostly discusses family events, work projects, self-reflection and sharing of personal thoughts.

Niche Blog:- A niche blog gives valuable information on a particular topic, such as creativity, skill, passion on a particular topic and sharing knowledge on a particular topic etc. Book blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs and travel blogs are a good example of this type of blog. ,
Business Blog:- These types of blogs are mainly run to publish relevant content for a company’s products or to make aware about any changes in its business. In this type of blog, there is a section of Blog on the website of the company.
News Blog:- In this type of blog, the content is focused on the latest developments, press releases and new updates in a specific industry. Like other blogs, this type of blog usually does not include the opinions and personal views of the visitors. .
Affiliate Blog:- An affiliate blog is generally targeted at affiliate marketing. It serves as the promotion of third party products and services and in return, the owners of these blogs earn a commission on each purchase made through affiliate links. These types of blogs build their content based on the reviews around the specific product.

How To Start Your Own Blog Without Coding Knowledge

Creating a blog today is not a difficult task. There was a time when you needed a lot of coding knowledge to start a blog. But, now it is very easy to create a professional blog with WordPress CMS (Content Management System) without any coding.

For that, you just need to install WordPress which is absolutely free and need a proper hosting plan to start publishing your content.

There are some popular hosting plans that offer features like one-click installation to automatically install CMS (Content Management System) software without any hard work on your part. Thus, you can easily create your own blog in just a few clicks.

Pro Tips:-

How to start your own blog? Generally, you have two options to start your website. One that is completely free and that will give you space to write and publish your own content. But in such option you never have proper control over your blog or its server.

In addition, free blogs always come with sub-domains, although in some platforms you can even add a custom domain, which are expensive but still look unprofessional. When you create a blog with the intention of doing business or making money, your domain name ( ABC.yoursitename.com ) should be something like (yoursitename.com) instead of something like this, and that’s why you need a domain that matches your site name. You have to buy a name, as well as buy a self-hosting plan to host your website.

In my opinion, when you start your career in blogging without prior knowledge of setting up a website, it would be better for you to start with those hosting plans and providers which offer auto setup features as well as the necessary tools. and also provide software.

To my knowledge, Hostinger web hosting is one such hosting plan that provides auto setup facilities along with free essential software accessories to make your site look professional. In the initial stage of blogging, Hostinger share hosting will be the best plan in terms of reliability as well as being cheap in price.

How Do Bloggers Make Money From Their Blog?

Generally, many people think that blogging is just a hobby. But, the truth is that a large number of bloggers are earning dollars from their blog or website. It encourages bloggers to focus more on their blog work and build a successful online business.

Here I have discussed some of the effective methods that most bloggers use to earn money from their blogs:

Display Ad:- The most common and easiest way to earn money online is to allow ads to be displayed. In that case, Google AdSense will help you a lot in the journey of making money online. However, as a new blogger, in the initial days you will not be able to participate in the Google Adsense program. For this you have to enable yourself with AdSense program policies.

Affiliate Marketing:- It is the second best online earning source through your blog and today many bloggers are earning well through affiliate marketing. In this way of earning, you have to recommend affiliate products on those websites to your visitors and you will earn a commission in return when users buy those products through your affiliate link.

Provide Services:- If your blogging niche is focused on useful and informative content, then you can start earning by providing paid services through your blog. Today many bloggers use this earning method and earn good amount by using their blog. For example, if you also want to work on digital marketing like me, you can provide SEO services to your visitors and charge for it.

Sponsored Post:- When your blog starts getting a good amount of traffic and gets some domain authority, in return for money, offers can come from various sources to write sponsored blog posts. There are many situations when someone would be willing to pay you for a sponsored blog post. Maybe they need backlinks for their sites or maybe they want to take customers to their site through your blog.

Advertisement:- Showing ads on a blog is another great way to earn money. For example, once you get established with your blog or gain an authority, you can show brand ads on your site in exchange for money, or alternatively, with agencies to earn more. You can also join paid partnerships.
Online Workshop:-When you have a good number of followers on your blog, and you are considered as an expert in your niche, you can use your blog to organize paid workshops, and get paid registration .

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