What is Micro Niche Blog | How to Create Micro Niche Blog?

If you are a blogger or want to start blogging, then Micro Niche Blog can be a good option for you. In this, you can easily earn from ₹ 50,000 to one lakh rupees a month even by doing less hard work. In this post, we will give you complete information about what is Micro Niche Blog and how to create a Micro Niche Blog. After reading this post, with all the questions related to Micro Niche Blogging in your mind, you will get the answer and you will be able to create your Micro Niche Website.

We have mainly focused on these three points:

 ° What is Micro Niche Blog? 

° How To Create Micro Niche Blog? 

° Full Process Step By Step. the way to earn money from Micro Niche Blog?

What is Micro Niche Blog?

Micro means ‘Micro’ or ‘Very Small’ and Niche means Category/Topic/Subject. That is, Micro Niche Blog may be a blog made on a small topic, during which you target a particular Subject, Product or Services.

 Allow us to now understand this with an example. Suppose if you create a blog on Food, then that Food Blog is called a Niche Blog. But if you want to create a blog only about Cake or Vegetarian Cake making then it will be called a Micro Niche Blog.

Similarly, if you are creating a blog on Fashion then it will be a normal Niche blog, but if you are creating a blog in Fashion only on Men’s Jeans then it will be called a Micro Niche blog.

What is the difference between Micro Niche and Normal Niche Blog?

You can cover many topics inside a Niche Blog, but Micro Niche usually covers only one topic. For example, if your website is on Technology Niche then you can download Mobile, Earphones, Computers, Internet, YouTube, Google Etc. can write on. 

But if there is a Micro Niche, then you will write the post only on Earphones or even inside it only on Bluetooth Earphones.The area of ​​Niche Website is very wide, whereas the area of ​​Micro Niche Site is very small in comparison. Because of this it is relatively easy to work on Micro Niche.

 Because the area is very limited in this, so you do not need to always be updated or post frequently. You can get traffic by ranking for years even by writing some posts.

How are Micro Niche Sites Created?

 To make a good Micro Niche Website, you have to follow the following steps:

Select Your Niche

To start a Micro Niche Blog, it is important to choose a good Niche. This is a very important step, do not rush into it at all. Your niche should be such that there is a lot of traffic on it but the competition is relatively low. For this you have to do Keyword Research related to that Niche. For keyword research, you can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Keyword Shitter or Paid Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs.

° Gaming Chairs

° Camera Tips

° Wedding Dressing Styles

° Indoor Fun Sports

° Fuel-Saving Tips

° Education Expenses

° Led Lights

° Cheapest Food To Get

° Studio Quality Mics

° Food Without Oil

° Fix Ev Chargers

° Net Worth

° Phone Covers

Choose Domain Name

Now you have to choose a good domain name related to your niche. Its URL or domain matters a lot in ranking a Micro Niche Blog. The Main Keyword of your Niche must be in the Domain Name. For example, if you are making a blog on Water Purifier. So the word “Water Purifier” must be there in the domain. You should try to buy  Waterpurifier.Com domain first, but if this domain is not found then you can take Waterpurifierguide.Com or other similar domain.

There are many companies to buy a domain, such as Namecheap, Godaddy, Bigrock Etc. But if you take web hosting from Bluehost. So you will get the domain absolutely free for one year. We will tell you further about how to avail this free domain offer

Setup Your Website :

For Website Setup, first you will need a Domain, Hosting and Website Building CMS platform. By the way, you can create a blog on any platform, but if you are really serious about starting Micro Niche Blogging, then I would suggest you to choose WordPress. It is quite easy to create a basic to professional blog on WordPress. Today most of the successful bloggers around the world use this platform. Next, we will tell you the complete step by step process of how to create a Micro Niche Blog on WordPress in detail.

Post Articles :

After website setup, you can now post articles on your blog. Earlier, when Micro Niche Blogging was not very popular, then even without doing SEO, the blog used to be ranked. But now you have to write SEO Friendly Articles to rank. If you write very short and low quality articles, then there will be a lot of problem in Google Adsense Approval too. So try that at least 10-15 articles in the beginning should be High Quality, Informative and Valuable.

How to Create Micro Niche Blog on WordPress with the help of Bluehost?

Full Process Step by Step If you want to start your Micro Niche Blog, then I would suggest you Bluehost for Domain & Hosting. Bluehost is a very popular and trusted hosting provider, which provides good service to the users at a very low price (₹ 169 / Month).

You can create a good Micro Niche Site on WordPress within 10 minutes by following some of the steps mentioned below:

 First of all go to Bluehost’s website Bluehost.In.

Now enter a domain name. Bluehost gives domain absolutely free for one year. Be sure to take advantage of it. If you have already purchased the domain. So you can use that too. After this fill the Account Information. In this, you will have to enter your name, address, Pin Code, Mobile No, Email etc. Below this will come the section of Package Information. Choose the plan in this and you can add extra package according to your need in Package Extra. You will have to pay Additional Charges for Extra Package. After that complete the payment process. To make payment, you can choose any option like Debit / Credit Card, Wallet, Net Banking, UPI etc.

After making payment, your Hosting and Domain Purchase will be done. Now you have to setup the website by going to Bluehost Control Panel. After login, go to Bluehost’s Dashboard and click on Create Site in My Site section there. Now you will see two options to create a site. You can setup your Micro Niche Site by choosing any option. After reading everything carefully, fill in the details and select. You can make the blog even better by going to Dashboard and installing good Themes, Plugins etc.

By doing just that, your Micro Niche Site will be ready within a few minutes. Now you can post on it.

Choose Topic :

First of all choose your topic. Although Micro Niche Blog is only on a particular topic, but that topic also has some Sub Categories. For example, if your blog is on Cake Niche. So you can write articles on topics like Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Cake, Egg-less Cake, Black Forest Cake, Birthday Cake For Children etc.

Keyword Research:

After selecting the topic, do Keyword Research related to it. This is very important for Micro Niche Blog. Whether your blog will rank on Google Search Engine or not depends largely on your keywords. You can use tools like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Ubersuggest etc. to do keyword research.

Content Research:

Due to Google’s new policy, Low Quality Content cannot rank on the search engine. In such a situation, if you want to rank, then you have to write articles of high quality. Content research is very important to write high quality content. You can use Google, YouTube or other Internet sources to do content research. Enter all the Valuable Information in your article which is necessary for the users.


After writing the article, do SEO in the right way. Ranking in today’s time without SEO is very difficult. Under On Page SEO, use of keywords correctly, Internal & External Links, Image Alt Tag, Meta Description, Permalink etc. Backlinks, Social Media Promotion, Guest Post etc. come under Off Page. To rank, it is necessary to do both types of SEO.

Images :

Using Image is very important in writing a blog post. It has many benefits. The first advantage is that images improve the readability of the article. Due to this, users stay on your blog for a long time. The second advantage is that if you use the correct Alt Tags with your image, then it can rank in Google’s Image Search Result and traffic can come from there too.

Ways to earn money from Micro Niche Blog:

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from Micro Niche Blogging. Many people create Micro Niche Site so that they can do Affiliate Marketing from it. In this you have to sell Products & Services through your Affiliate Links. The most popular Affiliate Program is- Amazon Associates. Apart from this, you can earn very good earning by joining Affiliate Program of many other E-Commerce Websites, Courses, Tech Services etc.

Sponsorship :

If good traffic starts coming to your blog, then you can also get sponsorship of related products or services from your niche. How much you can charge from a sponsor depends on the traffic of your blog.

Google Adsense :

Many people are also earning money from Micro Niche Website through Google Adsense or other Adsense. Although I would not advise you to rely only on Adsense. Along with this, you can also use methods like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship etc.

Sell Your Own Product :

If good traffic starts coming to your Micro Niche Blog, then you can also sell your own product. Suppose your blog is on Women Cosmetic Products. So you can launch a cosmetic product of your own brand and sell it to your users. Many people have created a company of their product or services from this type of blog. 


If you do not want to sell your own product, then you can start Reselling or Drop Shipping of the product.

Tips to be Successful in Micro Niche Blogging:

Whatever niche your blog is on, never deviate from it. In the beginning, you will get little or no traffic but do not panic about it. Never leave your original Niche and start posting on another Niche in order to bring traffic. Write as much In-Depth article as possible on your Niche. Maintain the Quality and Consistency of your Blog Post. No blog runs by posting one or two posts. Enter at least 10-15 good high quality posts in the beginning. Just when the blog is ranked on Google, then even if you do not post the post, keep updating the old articles in between.

Backlink can be very helpful in ranking Micro Niche Blog. To become a backlink, do networking or collaboration with other bloggers like you. Write Guest Post. You can also promote your blog through Quora. If you want to earn as much money as possible, then you can do Affiliate Marketing by targeting users from countries like UK, USA. The conversion rate is very high in these countries. In such a situation, you can earn up to several hundred or thousand dollars from a single product.

Do not put excessive ads or links in the pursuit of getting more clicks. Otherwise, your Blog, Blog will take less, and the Ads Page will be more. Users do not last long on such a blog. Promote your Affiliate Links or Ads smartly. There is no need to put more posts in this type of blog. That’s why you can work on many Micro Niche Blogs simultaneously. In such a situation, even if one or two blogs are not successful, then you can compensate for it with other blogs.

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