What Is SEO? Type Of SEO? A Complete Guide For Beginners

What Is SEO

What is SEO? – SEO which is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the most important aspects to a successful online marketing campaign. If you want to make your blog or your business popular through online marketing, then first you have to know about SEO very well. Like, what is SEO? And what are the rules and methods of a successful SEO campaign etc.

Although Keywords are an important part of a successful SEO campaign or marketing, finding a suitable keyword and applying it to the title or content of your blog plays an important role in SEO. But it is not that, that is the only factor in promoting your SEO campaign. Apart from this, there are many other things that are involved in a successful SEO campaigns.

In this article, I will discuss all the aspects of SEO and the hidden strategy on it. So, keep reading, and I am sure you will be well aware of all the facts behind SEO by the end of this article. So, let us now know what is this SEO after all?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Exactly, what is SEO? SEO is not a full term, it is an acronym which means Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps a website or the content on it to rank high on Google.

It is a process to rank the website systematically in the SERPs (search engine result page), for which you do not need to pay a single rupee. It is a great source of generating organic traffic for any website.

What Is The Full Form Of SEO?

To understand it in a little simpler words, “SEO” means Search Engine Optimization, which means to optimize your webpages and content available online in such a way that when someone searches for something on user online. If so, a search engine like Google should show that page towards the top in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Why Is SEO Necessary?

In this rival race of digital marketing, the importance of SEO has become more than ever.

Every day millions of people on search engines keep looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.

If you are a person associated with digital marketing and you have a website, blog or you run an online store, then SEO can help you to generate free traffic through search engines.

Full Time – Digital Marketing Immersive

Most users are more likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the SERPs when searching search engines. To take advantage of this potential and drive customers to your website, your website needs to appear among the top 5 on the SERPs (search engine result page).

Actually, SEO is not only for search engines, but a good SEO practice also helps in the user experience of your site and the usability of the website.

Apart from this, having a presence at the top of your search result SERPs on the keywords being searched by the users increases the credibility of the website.

The right SEO practice can help you stay ahead in the competitions. Simply said, SEO is a very important process for a web site to run smoothly.

How do Search Engines work?

So, What is SEO? And how does it work? People use any search engine when they have a strong opinion about something and they search the Internet for answers, whether they are Google, Bing, Yandex, or any other search engine.

Every search engine runs by your algorithm or program and accordingly searches the webpages to give accurate results to the searchers. Search engines use algorithms to find web pages and decide which webpage should rank where.

There are three phases of working of Search Engines:


Large and popular search engines like Google and Bing use crawlers, which are also called bots or spiders. These crawlers collect information about all the content found on the Internet. The crawler starts from one webpage on your website and reaches other pages through interlinking and also follows the inbound links of the pages.

Which makes it easy for him to understand what your page is all about and accordingly the search engine includes them in your database, which is usually called indexing.

Now whenever a user searches for a keyword in the search box, the search engine uses a complex algorithm to extract the most accurate and useful pages from the results of that query. SEO is a complicated process, as easy as it sounds to listen and speak, it is as complicated as it is. Many factors come under the search engine algorithm.

Actually, the search engine follows more than 200 factors. However, it is not very difficult to stand on every single factor because the optimization of all these factors is not directly in your hands.

You will also know that when it comes to search engines, the name google comes first. In such a situation, it becomes very important to know how google’s algorithm works. Let us now know how search engine optimization affects Google’s search engine.

How Does Google Work?

As you know by now, the primary goal of SEO is to rank high on Google. Also, you might know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. According to Google Search Statistics, more than 1.2 trillion searches are done by this search engine every year around the world. That is why for every digital marketer, the importance of the Google search engine is the highest. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to know a little about how the Google search engine works.

However, Google also works almost like all other search engines and is also a factor in seo ranking for google. But apart from all these, Google also follows many other algorithms such as: Language, Demography/location, Search intent, Keyword intent, Content quality, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, Domain authority, Page authority, User experience, Social media engagement etc. And all other things are included in this.

What Is SEO

How Google Search works What does Google itself have to say about this? From the search for content to the ranking of pages, Google follows the following steps:

Step No 1:- Crawling

Crawling is the process by which Google discovers new information online and adds them to its catalogue.

Step No 2:-Indexing

Once Google finds your website online, it analyzes the content on your pages to get an idea of ​​what your content is about and then systematically includes them in its vast catalog. Which is called indexing.

For example, let’s say you have a website where you sell information and products related to digital marketing. So once your website is crawled, Google understands which niche your website is based on and which category it belongs to and adds them to the same catalog where any other digital marketing related files are stored. So that whenever the user asks any question related to them, then it is easy for Google to find the answer to that question.

SEO (search engine optimization) has a big role in indexing. The better your SEO is, the more likely your pages are to be indexed accordingly.

In such a situation, if we talk about SEO, then one thing that you can do here is to explain more about your pages to Google so that it can help it to understand more deeply about your pages. . For which you will have to put more emphasis on things like Meta tag, Meta description. Also, things like keyword research will have to be worked on. For this, you can take the help of keyword research tools.

Step No 3:-Ranking

When a user enters a query on the search box for something, Google immediately tries to find out from its huge storage which webpage is most relevant to that user and then generates a chronological list of them The most useful result is to be presented in the SERP first. Which is known as ranking.

However, this ranking factor of Google also includes factors such as the user’s location and language. For example, if you search on the search box with a keyword like “Best Pizza Hut Near Me”, they will show you as a result of a pizza hut located in your location, not a pizza hut located in New York City as a result. will show. In the same way, you will get results in the same language with whichever language you search.

Types of SEO

As you must have understood by now, what is SEO? And how big is the role of SEO in the field of digital marketing. That’s why SEO analysis and its practice are so important for every digital marketer. There are many such methods of SEO that can be easily taken advantage of. So, let us now know how many types of SEO are there (types of SEO)

Here four such major types of SEO have been discussed, if you want, you can also take advantage of them.

On-Page SEO:- On-page SEO is the process of optimizing website content or webpage for search engines, ranging from duplicate content to keywords, heading( H1,H2 H3 …….), Meta Title, Meta Description, Image Alt Text. Many things are involved.

Off-Page SEO:-Off-Page SEO is one of the essential elements for the success of a website. In this, the content of your site is not directly involved, but the external part of your site comes under it. Such as domain authority, page authority, trustiness, relevancy, link building, social media popularity etc. All these elements together make up your website’s visibility. helps to increase.

Technical SEO:-Technical SEO is that which helps to crawl your website and enhance user experience (UX). This includes techniques such as making the more complex elements of your website easier to algorithmically. This type of SEO technology is always evolving and changing. lives. In which things like page loading speed of the website, user experience, site navigation etc. are included.

Local SEO:-Local SEO, like any other SEO, is a kind of search engine optimization technique that helps your business get more visibility on the SERPs locally on Google. Any business that works regionally, in this way, local SEO can benefit them. If you search on Google with a keyword related to your business, then you see some map or a listing of maps related to it at the bottom. In this way, Local SEO can help you to grow your business on Google.

Apart from this, on the one hand, the SEO technique which was very much in trend no longer exists.

After Google’s new algorithm “Hummingbird” came into existence, these SEO techniques were considered spammy and sneaky. This technique is especially infamous for keyword stuffing. Which was known as Black Hat SEO tactics. If you want to save yourself from the penalty of google, then you have to stay away from these wrong techniques.

Best SEO Practices

In order for your site to perform better on the SERP (Search engine result page), the things you should pay attention to, here are some tips that you can follow if you want.

On-Page SEO

Here are some tips for On-Page SEO:

Research Keywords: – Always determine the words and phrases that you want to rank on the search engines. Set keywords that have high relevance and search volume, but low competition.

Metadata Optimization: – A metadata tells both the search engine and the users about the content of the page, what information is present on your page. When writing metadata, make sure that your meta title and meta description include relevant content and your keywords or phrases to give you a better chance of ranking higher on SERPs.

But Google sometimes shows some part of the most relevant articles from your content as metadata through your algorithm. Hence it is important to ensure that your entire page is optimized.

Internal Linking: – Internal links are those which link one page of your website to other pages. Usually, these are combined with anchor text. Such links help search engines to read and understand more of your site. Therefore, always emphasize each of your pages with internal linking and make it more user-friendly.

Off-Page SEO

Here are some of the best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Spread Article: – The most effective way of off-page SEO techniques is the use of social media. There are many such social media platforms, using which you can spread your thoughts or information and you can collect visitors for your website.

Due to which you have the possibilities of increasing your off-page SEO, as well as the popularity of your website also increases. For this, you can take the help of media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora etc.

Earn Valuable Backlinks: – Backlinks are one of the important techniques of off-site SEO, which is a big factor in ranking for any site.

Backlinks are off-site SEO techniques that help search engines determine where your site should be ranked. If your domain has more backlinks, then Google ranks your site higher than others.

But, here for your information, let us tell you that Google keeps in mind the quality of links for ranking any site. Therefore you always need to collect backlinks from domains with high authority.

Because a link with a high DA is more effective than a link to a site with a low DA (domain authority). In addition, Google’s algorithm also takes into account the relevance of the links in your domain. Therefore, make sure that the links you earn are related to your niche.

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